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Krishna’s Opulence In Sri Goloka Vrindavana

Krishna’s Opulence In Sri Goloka Vrindavana

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Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja continues to glorify
the process of bhajana as it is described in Sri Bhajana Rahasya

Tryadhisvara has another confidential meaning. The word tri refers to Sri Krsna’s three abodes – Gokula, Mathura and Dvaraka. Another name for these abodes is Goloka. Sri Krsna is naturally and eternally present in these three abodes, and He Himself is their adhisvara (Supreme Lord). Therefore, He is called tryadhisvara. The dikpalas, who preside over the ten directions of the globe of the unlimited material universes, as well as all the cira-loka-palas who reside in the coverings of the unlimited Vaikunthas, were paying their dandavat-pranamas at Sri Krsna’s footstool.

Svarajya-laksmy-apta-samasta-kamah – Svarajya-laksmi, the transcendental goddess of fortune, fulfills all Sri Krsna’s desires. He has unlimited pastimes in Vaikuntha and other abodes, but amongst them all, His human-like pastimes (nara-lila) are top- most. In His inner quarters of Sri Goloka Vrndavana, His opulence (aisvarya), being adorned with sweetness (madhurya), is billions of times greater than His opulence in Vaikuntha.

SOURCE: Sri Bhajana Rahasya, Sastha Yama Sadhana

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  1. dayanidhi

    Transcendental atomic bombs of maya destroying prema-nectar in each word. And the beings who rule all, even those pure devotees who can create Vaikuntha planets(if they care for that boon) and others with similar siddhis all worship Lord Krsna. What a Guy!


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