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Invitation to ALTAI FESTIVAL | Your Path of Devotion

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Gaudiya Vaishnava reflections

We Welcome You To Altai Festival!

International Cultural And Educational Festival


Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja

27 of August – 03 of September 2012

Mountain Altai (Russia)[hr]

Dear devotees, friends and well-wishers! We invite you, your friends, relatives and acquaintances to visit a wonderful holiday of bhakti-yoga which will take place under the guidance of Nitya-lila pravista Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja and which is organized by his disciples and followers.
During the walk with the devotees on 15 January 2010 Srila Gurudev gave us the basic instructions about the development of our Sanga (International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society) after His disappearance. Srila Gurudev said: “After me I want everything that is going on now, should be continued…my books distribution, my preaching by sannyasis and all. The preaching of our sannyasis is the main factor. They should sit in a meeting and decide who will go where. Otherwise, they will all end up in one place at the same time. So, for all these things. Also my Navadvipa parikrama and Vraja-mandala parikrama should go on as usual.  For all these purposes there should be a Society. If there is no society, everyone will be separated. They will scatter here and there; there will be no control. And in the meetings, even though we are eleven or twelve members, all the sannyasis should attend. They’re the main factor and they should be giving respect… We are preaching the life and philosophy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu everywhere. We are also publishing so many books with all success. Yes, So like ISKCON, like IPBYS. This should be preached everywhere. All should know that we are International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society. As I am doing – preaching everywhere, publishing books, and distributing books. Like Syamarani has devoted her life for me, preaching everywhere, editing my books. Giving each other honor…”

That is why this Altay Festival is dedicated to Srila Gurudev, the memories of Him and His Glory. And mainly it is organized to fulfill Srila Gurudev’s heart’s desire and His instructions. This is the main purpose of the Festival.
Together with the Senior Vaisnavas (Sannyasis), we invite everybody to take part in this wonderful festival of Srila Gurudev. It gives everyone the opportunity to serve Srila Gurudev this way and make Him happy.
Another purpose of the Festival is to glorify the Senior Vaisnavas (Sannyasis) and those who are in our line. The Festival helps every participant get what he himself desires. Some can start their spiritual practice here and meet the Spiritual Master (Diksa-guru), some can meet their Siksa-guru and develop closer relationship with Him.
The Festival is the platform of love, devotion and service. Everyone can taste the nectar here and get happiness, including such wonderful association with Srila Gurudev’s Sannyasis. Each Sannyasi here will openly share the nectar absorbed during the association with Srila Gurudev.
Here, with Srila Gurudev’s blessings all the devotees will be able to unite together and be respectful to each other, everyone will take care of these relationships and will be eager to get them. Only by uniting together in the friendly mood we will be able to create steady future in the preaching and mission of Srila Gurudev and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Guests of the Festival

At the instance of many Srila Gurudeva’s disciples and followers, Srimad Bhaktivedanta Madhava Maharaja kindly accepted the proposal to preside over the Festival. Also at the Festival there will be:

  • Srimad BV Sridhara Maharaja
  • Srimad BV Padmanabha Maharaja
  • Srimad BV Nemi Maharaja
  • Srimad BV Suddhadvaiti Maharaja
  • Srimad BV Vishnu Daivata Maharaja
  • Srimad BV Sadhu Maharaja
  • Sriman Vrajanath Prabhu
  • Srimati Vrindadevi Didi
  • … and others


Festival Organizers:

  • Krishna das – the general manager
  • Amita Krishna das – the information-advertising support
  • Damayanti devi dasi – the manager of social and cultural activities
  • Jaya Sri devi dasi and Dayanidhi das – the responsible for advertising
  • Kaviraj Krishna das – the responsible for meals
  • Kamala devi dasi – the responsible for the cultural program
  • Venu Gopal das and Indumukhi devi dasi – the responsible for the transport
  • Mahabala das – the responsible for legal issues
  • Yaduvar das – the responsible for hardware
  • … and others.

The place

The same as last year, the Festival will take place in Gorny Altai, not far from Gorno-Altaisk, in the tourist center ‘Stik Travel’ (http://www.stik-travel.ru), which is situated in a picturesque place near Lake Aya, in the birch forest, on the bank of the channel of the river Katun.


The  system of placement and accommodation In tourist spa-zone “Stiktravel”is thoroughly thought over and takes into consideration needs and possibilities of every person.  In the area of spa-zone there are

  • 3 hotels
  • 4 guest houses made out of cedar for 8 rooms each
  • 5 comfortable bungalow
  • Well-furnished cottages in 6 room each
  • 12 summer houses for 3 or 4 persons


Vegetation tree-times a day nourishment will be organized on festival in accordance with vaishnava rules and standards. For those devotees that follow Chuturmasya rules there will be an opportunity to follow it.

The Meals

At the festival 3-times a day vegetarian meals will be organized, according to the regulations and standards of vaisnava kitchen. For the devotees following chaturmasya there will be all conditions.

  • For breakfast you can take fruit salads, curds, delicious porridges and sandwiches, fruits and drinks.
  • For dinner you can have traditional Indian sabji, rice, sauces, and also soups, garnishes and salads, which are more habitual for Russians.
  • For supper there are macaroni, buckwheat and puree, fresh vegetables and salads, sauces and other tasty things.
  • Raw food eaters will be given all conditions for organizing the meals.


(Changes in the program are possible)

Important! One can arrive to festival starting with 27th of August (12pm, noon) and should leave not later then 3rd of September (till 8pm). If you arrive earlier or leave later those dates and time, please confirm it with us and it’s up to you to arrange your placement and nourishment.

General Day schedule


5 am

Mangal Arati

6 am


7 – 8 am

Morning lecture



9:30 – 11 am  

Meetings, Darshans

11 – 12.30 pm  


1 pm


3 – 4.30 pm   

Lectures, meetings, seminars

5 pm 


6 pm  

Evening lecture

7.30 pm  

Gaura Arati

8.30 pm  


Topics of seminars

  1. The glory of suddha Bhakti.
  2. How to practice suddha Bhakti and be happy forever.

As well as many topics on Vaishnavism that will be interesting not only to devotees but also to the guests of the Festival.


Cultural Program

(We ask everyone who is interested to take part in cultural program to refer to Kamala dd)

  1. Concert
  2. Exhibition
  3. Performance
  4. Program for children and teenagers during the entire festival – Kamala dd


Practical courses

  1. Play of mridanga and karatals- we looking for a teacher
  2. Pronunciation of sansrit shlokas, ashtaks, Bengal bhadjans –  Amita Krishna das
  3. Simple ways to stay healthy (simple elements of Yoga, diet advices) – Radha-Ramad das Brahmachari

Special Events

  1. Initiations (Harinam and Diksha)
  2. Upanayana-samskara (presentation of sacred thread during fire-ceremony yagya)
  3. Vivaha –samskara(wedding ceremony),
  4. Anna-prashna-samskara(first grain feeding of a baby ) and other rituals according to the needs of devotees(please let know about your wish ahead of a time)

Conditions for participation in Festival

Anyone who is interested in spiritual development, friendly to Vaishnavas and agrees with other rules of the festival can participate.
We kindly ask to you follow those rules on the festival:

  1. After arriving to festival one should  register with festival registration service, to fill out application form of festival participant
  2. To follow general schedule of the festival and not to stop other participants from following it
  3. To respect people around you and not to disturb them
  4. Respect and follow requests and advices of festival organizers and distraction of a spa-zone.
  5. All participants of the festival should have valid passports and identification documents
  6. Parents take full responsibility for actions and any damage done by their children.

Administration and Organizers do not take this responsibility.
In case of destruction or damage of property, which include green plantation, participant of the festival pay market price of the property plus fine.


Choice of accommodation category.
Take a look at accommodation option of “Stick travel” via their website and choose the category of accommodation on the festival. Agents of the festival can help you with this (see below the information about them)
Below you can see general information about room category and discounts that comes with advance payment 
And one good news, festival fee remains the same!

Category Festival Fee
Luxury 12 000 Russ Rubles400 USD300 Euro
Half-luxury 11 000 Russ Rubles366 USD275 Euro
Standard 9 000  Russ Rubles300 USD225 Euro
Economy 7 800  Russ Rubles260 USD195 Euro

*Price of festival fee (in rubles, per person), including accommodation, food, lectures and seminars, concerts and other events. 

Participation for kids 5 year old or less is without festival fee and without additional accommodation. Festival fee for kids 5-14 year old is 5 000 rubles. From 14 years old children are considered to be adults and festival fee depends of accommodation category.
Category description
Luxury – it is a spacious double room (bedroom and hall) and washroom (WC, sink, shower) this  number is for 2 persons plus 1 additional person (sofa)
Half-luxury – this is a spacious one bedroom number, washroom, washroom (WC, sink, shower) this  number is for 2 persons plus 1 additional person (sofa)
Standart – it’s a onebedroom number in 2story cedar summer; two queen-size bed, bedside chest, hangers, outlets. Washroom(exept for cottage): WC, sink, shower (hot water). 2 base places
Economy – this is a basic one bedroom apartment with toilet and shower on the floor and not in the room. If you have economy class room in a house, toilet and shower are outside.
 Step 2 – Booking
For your convenience we have arranged online booking and registration. This is a new service that we did not have in a past. Now you can book specific room in a specific building of tourist center “Stik-travel”. To do this you need to contact with special agent Mani Manjari dasi. She will be happy to help you with booking.

Please contact Mani Manjari dasi – skype: ma80rina, marinabox2001@yahoo.com, RUS +7-913-450-3514

Important! One can book place only by booking the entire room

Paying festival fee and Registration
After you have booked a room number in tourist center, you can prepare for a festival. Upon arriving in tourist center “Stik-travel” you will be welcomed by Mani Manjari dasi, Krishna das and Damayanti dasi. You will need only to pay your festival fee and get kees from your room.

How to get to the festival

Transfer: The festival will take place in tourist center “Stik-travel”, which is approximately 30 km away from Gorno-Altaysk.
The most convenient way to get to the festival is to book a transfer with Mani Manjari dasi. Last year we organized transfer from Novosibirsk city by big and comfortable buses straight to the tourist center. It will be more comfortable if you arrive to Novosibirsk and take the transfer.
How to do this will be described in Festival fee and registration section.
Option #1

Plane to Novosibrisk.

Then from Novosibirsk airport (Tolmachevo) –   bus Nomb.112, 122  – to bus terminal

Take bus to Aya,which calls Novosibirsk-Chemal. Leaves Nsk 22:30. Price 840 rubles

Or take bus to Gorno-altaysk (time 10:30 am, 18.30 pm, 11.30 pm) and then take taxi to the place.

Option #2

Train to Novosibirsk. Same options for the bus with devotees.

Option #3

Plane to Barnaul.

Take bus to bus terminal

From bus terminal take bus to Aya.

Take taxi from Aya to the place

Option #4

Train to Byisk

Bus from Byisk to Aya (time 10:30. 15.05)

Take taxi from Aya to the place

Option #5

From Irkust and Krasnoyarsk

Train #11 Chita-Chelyabinks arrive to Byisk.

From Byisk train to Aya

From Aya taxi to the place.





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