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Gaudiya Vaishnava reflections

by Sarojini Didi and Nandasuta Dasa

We are pleased to announce a new temple/ preaching centre in Birmingham. Some years ago Srila Gurudeva expressed a desire for a preaching centre in Birmingham and was very pleased when the Grove Road temple was opened and Bhakti Yoga Society charity formed, but owing to visa issues the centre had to close. This one has manifested rapidly over the course of a few hours last Friday- truly a sign of Srila Gurudeva’s blessing- at the request of Pujyapada Vana Maharaja, who has named it “Srila Narayana Goswami Gaudiya Matha”. It is his base in Birmingham and he will stay here when he visits the UK.
Sripada Giri Maharaja is resident, and there is plenty of room for brahmacaris to live there too. It is a large 2-storey flat in Moseley Village- 5a St Mary’s Row, next door to the Zen shop. The temple room can accommodate plenty of devotees and guests and already Srimati Tulasi Devi and Seva Kunja pictures are present. It is in an excellent location for preaching and forging strong community links, and local people have already been expressing interest. We also have a large stock of books all ready for distribution!
On Sunday we held the inaugural program, which was attended by several enthusiastic devotees and we have plans for weekly nagar sankirtanas and Sunday programs currently from 5pm. There is also a program for Guru Purnima this Friday, 15th July at 6pm. There is a possibility that Sripada Vaisnava Maharaja will visit for programs around the middle of August and we welcome all travelling preachers who wish to come and give Harikatha.
We beg for the blessings of all the devotees that we may be successful in our endeavour to please Guru and Vaisnavas.
Srila Narayana Goswami Gaudiya Matha ki Jay!
Your servants,
Nandasuta Dasa and Sarojini Didi


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