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Welcome to Yoga of Life Festival in Altai Mountains, Russia

Yoga of Life
Cultural and Educational Festival
under the direction of

[typography font=”Crimson Text” size=”30″ size_format=”px”]Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta
Narayana Gosvami Maharaj[/typography]

[highlight]12th to 18th September, 2011[/highlight]
Altai Mountains, Russia


Dear devotees and friends,
We are cordially inviting you, as well as your friends and relatives, to visit the wonderful Bhakti-yoga festival in exotic Altai Mountains area of Russia, conducted under the guidance of Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja and organized by his disciples and followers.
Festival Guests
The festival will take place under the merciful guidance of

  • Sripad Bhaktivedanta Madhava Maharaja,
  • Sripad Bhaktivedanta Padmanabha Maharaja,
  • Sripad Bhaktivedanta Nemi Maharaja,
  • Sripad Bhaktivedanta Suddhadvaiti Maharaja,
  • Sripad Bhaktivedanta Damodara Maharaja,
  • Sripad Bhaktivedanta Visnu-daivata Maharaja,
  • Sripad Bhaktivedanta Sadhu Maharaja,
  • Sripad Bhaktivedanta Giri Maharaja,
  • Sripad Vrajanath Prabhu,
  • Srimati Syamarani Didi,
  • Srimati Vrinda Didi,
  • and other senior devotees.

Festival Organizers
(same as of Srila Gurudeva’s festival in Odessa, Ukraine, 2008)

  • Krishna das – Director General
  • Dharanidhara das Brahmacari – Executive Director
  • Jaya Sri devi dasi and Dayanidhi das – Advertisement Department
  • Kaviraj Krishna das Brahmacari – Prasadam Department
  • Kamala devi dasi – Cultural Program
  • Indumukhi devi dasi – Registration, Booking and Accomodation
  • Venu Gopal das – Transfer to festival site
  • Damayanti devi dasi – Social and Cultural Activity Manager
  • Mahabala das – Legal Sector
  • Yaduvar das – Technical provision and facilities
  • and others….

The Venue
This year the festival will take place in the prestigious and famous area of Altai Mountains, in the vicinity of Gorno-Altaysk city, in Stik-Travel Tourist Complex situated in the picturesque region of Aya lake, in a birch forest, on the bank of the River Katun.

You can see the website of the Venue here (Russian only):
Please see the Stik-Travel Tourist Complex advertising movie here (Russian only):

Accommodation in Stik-Travel Tourist Complex is thoroughly thought over, taking into consideration the needs and possibilities of everyone. The following buildings are situated in the Tourist Complex area:

  • 3 hotels
  • 4 cedar tree made guesthouses – 8 rooms each
  • 5 comfortable bungalows
  • A well-furnished cottage of 6 rooms
  • and
  • 12 summerhouses for 2 or 4 persons each

Vegetarian sanctified food (prasadam) will be provided tree times daily during the festival in accordance with Vaishnava standards. For those devotees following the vow of Caturmasya, there will be all facilities for following it.
Approximate menu
(changes apply)

  • Drink – 200 g
  • Cottage cheese/fruit salad/different way of cooking – 300 g
  • Porridge – 350 g
  • Bread – 60 g
  • Cheese – 20 g
  • Butter – 20 g
  • Fruit – 1 piece


  • Drink – 200 g
  • Rice / pasta / (different variations) – 200 g
  • Dal / Soup – 300 g
  • Sabji – 250 g
  • Salad – 200 g
  • Bread – 60 g


  • Porridge / buckwheat / pasta / mashed potato – 400 g
  • Cucumber / Tomato or several piece(whole) – 50 g
  • Sauce – 250 g
  • Drink – 200 g
  • Bread – 60g / pakora – 30 g

Festival Program
(Changes apply)

Please note that arrival at the festival site starts from 12th September (12 o’clock noon) and departure deadline is no later than 18th of September (8 PM). If you arrive earlier or leave later than the dates and times specified, please reconfirm that with us. For the dates and times not included within the festival period, you have to provide for your lodging and accommodation yourself.

Festival Daily Schedule
5 am – Mangala Arati
6 am – Bhajans
7 am – Morning class
9 am – Breakfast
9.30 am to 11 am – Classes and meetings
11 am to 12.30 pm – Seminars
1 pm – Lunch
3 pm to 4.30 pm – Classes, meetings and seminars
5 pm ¬– Bhajans
6 pm – Evening class
8 pm – Gaura Arati
8.30 – Dinner
Seminar Topics
1. For those interested in Bhakti-yoga (i.e. for those coming to the festival to find out more about our practice and teachings) a. What is Bhakti-Yoga b. Vedas as the perfect evidence of the Absolute Truth; the four bona fide Vaisnava schools and their importance c. Love of God as the fifth and the highest value of human society d. The history of Vaisnavism 2. For beginners (for those devotees looking for a guru or those who have received harinama initiation receintly) a. Necessity of diksa (second initiation) for spiritual development b. Process of taking shelter of Sri Guru c. How important is pancaratrika-diksa 3. For those desiring spiritual advancement (for devotees who have received diksa) a. Caitanya-lila (topic for morning classes) b. The path of Rupa and Raghunatha (topic for) evening classes c. Sri Guru Charitra (The Glories of Srila Gurudeva) d. Arcana (worship) e. Pracar (preaching)

Cultural Program

(We ask everyone who is interested to take part in cultural program to contact Kamala didi at

  1. Concert
  2. Exhibition
  3. Drama
  4. Program for children and teenagers during the entire festival

Practical courses

  1. Mridanga (drum) and karatalas (cymbals) course – we are looking for a teacher
  2. Pronunciation and rhythm of Sanskrit slokas, ashtakas, Bengali bhajans –  Amita Krishna das
  3. Simple ways to stay healthy (simple elements of Yoga and diet advice) – Radha-Raman das Brahmachari


  1. 1. For sannyasis and senior devotees involved in preaching in Russia and Russian speaking countries.

–    Improving preaching organizing;
–    sharing experience and ideas in preaching.

  1. 2. For senior disciples of Srila Gurudeva in Russian sanga, for group leaders and enthusiastic devotees:

–    Formulating the future vision of our Society and the process to attain it.

  1. 3. Meeting of group leaders, senior disciples of of Srila Gurudeva and initiative devotees of Russian sanga with sannyasis and senior preachers:

–    discussing cooperation: specific needs of each group; necessity of education for the leaders; necessity of general education, etc.

Special Events
  1. Initiations (Harinama and Diksha)
  2. Upanayana-samskara (presentation of sacred thread during fire-ceremony yagya)
  3. Vivaha-samskara (wedding ceremony),
  4. Anna-prasna-samskara (first grains given to a baby)

…and other rituals according to the needs of devotees (please let us know about your wish ahead of a time)
Conditions for participation in the Festival

Anyone who is interested in spiritual life, friendly to Vaisnavas and agrees with the rules below can participate in the festival.
While at the festival, we are asking you to kindly respect the following rules:

  1. After arriving at the festival site, please immediately register with festival registration service by filling in your guest application form;
  2. Follow general schedule of the festival and not to stop other participants from following it
  3. Respect people around you and not disturb them;
  4. Respect  and follow requests and advices of festival organizers and admistration of the Tourist Complex;
  5. All the participants of the festival should have valid passports / ID;
  6. Parents take full responsibility for the actions or any damage done by their children.

Administration and Organizers do not take this responsibility.
In case of destruction or damage of the property, which include green plantation, the participant(s) of the festival involved pay(s) market price of the property plus fine.

Booking, festival fee and registration

[highlight]Step 1 – Choosing accommodation category [/highlight]
Below you can see general information about room category and discounts you get if you pay in advance.
The festival fees are given in Russian roubles per pesron and include accommodation, food, lectures and seminars, concerts and other events.

Category June – July 1.08 – 31.08 Upon arrival
Deluxe 10 500 11 000 12 000
Half Deluxe 9 500 10 000 11 000
Standard 8 000 8 500 9 000
Economy 7 000* 7 300 7 800

For children of 5 years old or less there is no festival fee but also no additional bed.
For children from 5 to 14 years old the festival fee is 5 000 rubles.
Young people above 14 years old are considered to be adults, and their festival fee depends on the accommodation category.
Room category description
Deluxe it is a spacious two-room suite (bedroom and hall) with a bathroom (WC, sink, shower) meant for 2 persons plus 1 additional person (on sofa)
Semi Deluxe is a spacious room with a bathroom (WC, sink, shower)  is for 2 persons plus 1 additional person (on sofa)
Standard is a room in a two-storey cedar summer hotel complex having two single beds, bedsidetables, hangers, sockets. Bathroom (exept for the cottage): WC, sink, shower (hot water). It is meant for 2 persons.
Economy is a basic room with bathroom facilities (WC and shower) outside (on the same floor if in a building or just outside if in a cottage).
[highlight]Step 2 – Booking [/highlight]

Foreign devotees and guests can book their accommodation by email ( Please specify your both legal and spiritual names, the country you are from, the amount of persons and the type of accommodation you need.

For your convenience we are arranging online booking and registration very shortly. This is a new service that we  have never had in the past. You will be able to book a specific room in a specific building of Stik-Travel Tourist Complex. To do this you will have to follow the link we will provide very soon and register in the system as a client. We will provide you with the link very shortly.
[highlight]Step 3 Paying festival fee [/highlight]

Foreign devotees can book their rooms by email ( and then pay upon arrival. Please note that upon arrival the prices will be 10% to 15% higher. If you send your festival fees by bank transfer to Russia as advance payment, your festival fee plus transfer fee would make more or less same amount. Therefore, we recommend that you just pay upon arrival.

[highlight]Step 4 – Registration [/highlight]

Every day during business hours we check the receipt festival of your festival fees to the account. After we receive you festival fee, we will send you a festival ticket via email. You should print it out and take it with you. When you arrive and show this ticket you will get a key from your room number.

For those who did not follow 3 steps could register and receive accommodation in a first come first served basis and get a room that have left. We are interested to give all tickets in advance that is why we cannot guarantee that there will be vacant places.

How to get to the festival site


The festival will take place in Aya village which is approximately 30 km away from Gorno-Altaysk.
The nearest airport which serves international flights is Barnaul.
The most convenient way to get to the festival is to book a transfer with us, and we strongly recommend that option to you. To book your transfer to the festival site, please send us an email to, call (+7)9120445073 or Skype: lifeyogafestival.

If you still decide to get to the festival site on your own, here are some options for you.

Option #1
Take a plane to Barnaul.

Take a bus to bus terminal
From bus terminal take a bus to Aya.
Take taxi from Aya to the festival site
Option # 2
Plane to Novosibrisk.
Then from Novosibirsk airport (Tolmachevo) –   bus#112, 122  – to bus terminal
Take bus to Aya, which calls at Novosibirsk-Chemal. Leaves Novosibirsk at 22:30. Price 840 roubles
Or take bus to Gorno-Altaysk (timings: 10:30, 18.30, 23.30) and then take a taxi to the festival site.
Option #4
Train to Biysk
Bus from Biysk to Aya (times: 10:30 and 15.05)
Take taxi from Aya to the festival site
Option #3
Train to Novosibirsk. Same options for the bus.
For enquiry and festival information please contact us:,
Skype: lifeyogafestival
Phone: +7-912-044-5073



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