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Srila Gurudeva’s Beautiful Samadhi – ‘brick by brick, tear by tear’

By Radhika Dasi

Dandavat Pranam Dear Vaisnava Family,

I feel so fortunate to be present right now in Sri Navadwip Dham, where I am having the opportunity to personally witness the day to day progress of Srila Gurudeva’s samadhi mandir.
It has been so heart touching to observe the deep sincerity of all the vaisnavas present who are serving with so much love and intention. Through simultanious summer heat and heavy windstorms, the wizards continue to perform their magic, brick by brick, tear by tear and with great dedication. Devotees from all over the world anxiously join the workers to carry bricks and install little pieces of themselves within the beautiful samadhi walls.

By Srila Gurudeva’s merciful overseeing, the Bhakta Bandhava team has been able to accomplish wonders within just a few months. The construction has been under the direct guidance of Srila Gurudeva’s near and dear vaisnavas who are seeing that everything is utilized most sweetly and perfectly in the building of Gurudeva’s home.

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Srila Gurudeva’s samadhi mandir will be sanctuary for devotees all over the world. Future generations will come to this place to meet with this great personality and reflect upon the unfathomable gifts he has given. Modeled after Srila Rupa Goswamis Samadhi, small temples of all the great acharyas will surround Srila Gurudeva’s samadhi.
We have the opportunity of a lifetime to offer our heartfelt love to Srila Gurudeva by contributing to the building of this great center of both meeting and separation. Although he has everything and does not need anything from us he is mercifully giving us the chance to remember and serve him.

I am in Navadwip for the next 3 months working with the Bhakta Bandhava team. Srila Gurudeva is so present here and everyday his home unfolds more and more. We are humbly inviting each and everyone of Gurudeva’s disciples to make any heartfelt contribution towards his Samadhi Mandir. Your offerings will go directly into the hands of the Bhakta Bandhava managers who are buying the supplies daily and and paying the workers.

No offering is too big or small and certainly Srila Gurudeva is directly accepting anything that is offered with love. He came to our home and offered the wealth of his heart and now we can come to his home and offer our wealth and hearts.
Jai Srila Gurudeva!
Aspiring Servant,
Radhika dasi



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5 Responses to Srila Gurudeva’s Beautiful Samadhi – ‘brick by brick, tear by tear’

  1. Ananda Vardhana dasa May 15, 2015 at 9:19 PM #

    Dandavats didi – such a heart-touching message – thank you – I am so pleased Srila Gurudeva is being so nicely honored with so much love and affection by his beloved disciples

    Radhe Radhe

    your servant Ananda Vardhana dasa
    P.S. Pleased that Back to Bhakti is back too !!!

  2. Kamala Devi dasi May 16, 2015 at 12:56 PM #

    So let’s all try to build up again and again. Gurudeva’s merci is endless, so may be our endeavors. All glory to the Vaisnava’s! All glory to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!
    Thank you devotees for giving us some seva.

  3. Vasudev Das May 16, 2015 at 3:23 PM #

    Hare Krsna,

    Dandvat pranaams,

    I am so touched by watching this video. Gurudev is surely present with all of us, in our hearts. Deep gratitude to all who are working on this project.

  4. Mancini Devi dasi May 20, 2015 at 8:33 PM #

    I don’t know what “your comment is awaiting moderation” means.

  5. Shayne Elguezabal May 12, 2016 at 10:56 AM #

    I am not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic. I must spend some time finding out much more or working out more. Thanks for great information I was in search of this information for my mission.

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