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IPBYS Kartik 2013 Meetings

The International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society
Meetings Kartik 2013

Up to 35 senior devotees met before and during kartik 2013 acting under the orders of Srila Gurudeva that the “Sannyasis, Math Commanders, and eminent householder devotee preachers” meet twice a year to make all important decisions for his International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society (IPBYS). This “General Board” discussed a number of positive initiatives and issues which are downloadable by right-clicking the thumbnails below to open or save the Pdf file. These documents include:

  1. A communique summarising the meetings and the resulting initiatives as well as the issues relating to the fall down of Tirtha Maharaja.
  2. The standards that have been adopted by the IPBYS in relation to gurus, initiations and sannyasis.
  3. An addendum with quotes from Srila Gurudeva, other Acaryas and Sastra in support of the standards.

Please email any comments, observations and questions to and these will be addressed through another later posting.

—The International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society (IPBYS)

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