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Gaudiya Vaishnava reflections

Mahaprabhu’s mercy is running everywhere … INVITATION

[Sripad Premananda Prabhu extends an invitation to everyone to attend a program that is going to commemorate Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s 500th anniversary visit to Vrndavana from Jagannatha Puri] [divider] [divider] There is one program that is going to commemorate... read more

A chance to serve [video]

[fbshare url=”” type=”button” float=”left”] [hr] Please visit this page to get involved or donate [divider]... read more

"Who will feel separation?"

Who will feel separation? Those special persons who have realized their immense obligation and indebtedness to Gurudeva for all they have received, and who have rendered much service to him with visrambha-bhava, intimacy. They will weep. They consideration that,... read more