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Pure Bhakti Academy — timetable

Dear Devoted Brothers and Sisters, We are very excited that the Pure Bhakti Academy will be inaugurated in Jagannath Puri on 20th January, the Appearance Day of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja. Classes start on the 21st January. For those of you who cannot make the journey this year we will upload all the classes […]

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Sriman Siddhanath Prabhu (Srila Gurudeva’s younger brother) has departed

Sriman Siddhanath Prabhu, Srila Gurudeva’s younger brother, departed today, November 28th, 2014 at 3:15 PM. He attended Vraja Mandala Parikrama this year, 2014, and stayed with devotees of Gopinath Bhavan and Seva Kunja Krsna-Balaram Mandir. We will post more details of his departure and life as they come available. Click this link to read about his remembrances […]

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Srila Gurudeva’s Samadhi Mandir – Status to Date

B V Narayan Maharaja’s Samadhi Mandir Construction Update # 1 October 15 2014 Samadhi project – Status to date IGVT has already started constructing Srila Gurudev’s Samadhi Mandir at Navadip; All the permits/approvals are in place; Building contractors, architects, professionals are hired; Construction models are ready; The land preparation/laying down foundation is complete; Full Construction […]

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New GVP ePub Release: Śrī Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu-bindu

Gaudīya Vedānta Publications is happy to announce Śrīla Gurudeva’s newest e-book release, Śrī Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu-bindu. The book is available for Kindle, Nook and Apple’s iOS devices, at a low cost of $2.99 (vs. the $12.95 print price via Śrī Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu-bindu (a drop from the nectarean ocean of devotion) is a brief summary of the essential topics presented in Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu by Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmī. […]

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Sri Rupa Goswami Conference on Vaishnavism

An Invitation to the 2014 Sri Rupa Goswami Conference on Vaishnavism Vrindavana’s premier seminar on vaishnavism for over two decades under the auspices of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja AUGUST 8 – 9, 2014 rila Rupa Goswami is revered in the Gaudiya Vaishnava community as the chief of the Six Goswamis, the direct disciples of […]

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Ratha Yatra Festival Rotterdam – 3 Aug ’14

We are very pleased to cordially invite you to the Ratha Yatra festival in Rotterdam on the 3rd of August 2014 By the divine mercy of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja, Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada and all of our Rupanuga Guru Varga, we are able to organise this Festival in Rotterdam, Holland. […]

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Festival with Srimati Uma didi in Wales – 27-30th May

Dear Friends Hare Krishna. I would just like to remind you and warmly invite you for our upcoming festival With Srimati Uma didi! This Tuesday 27th May – Friday 30th May. Tuesday 27th May 6pm: Karuna and Pranas, Bryn Steffan, Lampeter Wednesday 28th May 6pm: Madan and Malini’s, Mydroilyn, near the bardsey view holiday park […]

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Launching the Pure Bhakti Academy – 20th January 2015

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Pure Bhakti Academy today which will open in Jagannath Puri for four weeks starting on January 20th 2015, the appearance day of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja. This educational campus includes courses from over twenty teachers on a diverse range of bhakti topics. This is an opportunity for all [...]

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Berlin Jagannath Shobha-Yatra Festival 6th-10th June 2014

We are happy to announce the invitation for Jagannatha Shobha Yatra-Festival in Berlin. By the divine mercy of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja, Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada and all of our Rupanuga Guru Varga, Sripada BV Vana, following their footsteps, is leading this Jagannath Shobha Yatra with nectarean Hari-Katha in many cities of the world, as well as in Berlin. [...]

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GVP Launches First E-Publications

n response to the increasing demand for eBooks, Gaudiya Vedanta Publications recently initiated a project to transpose Srila Gurudeva’s English publications into eBook formats, with the intent of expanding the scope of possibilities for outreach and book distribution. As of today, May 2nd, 2014 (Akṣaya Tritīyā), nineteen titles are available via in the Kindle format. […]

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