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The latest Bangalore Temple construction update

The latest Bangalore Temple construction update

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The latest Bangalore Temple
construction update by BV Vaikhanas Swami


  1. Dominic Vella

    Beautiful Temple … looking forward to updates and being filled with wonderful Vaisnavas 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  2. BV Nemi

    It’s wonderful that you have accomplished this in such a loving and effective way.

    • Raghava Pandit das

      Totally agree with you, Maharaja.

      And such gorgeous & powerful Radha-Krishna! ❤

  3. Lalita Lowsley-Williams

    It’s amazing so beautiful and the deities are gorgeous, we can’t wait to come and visit you !

  4. Bhagavat Swami

    Such a beautiful temple with such gorgeous deities. Sripad Vaikhanasa Maharaja has dedicated himself to the development of this temple as per the order of Srila Gurudeva and he has become successful against all obstacles. I offer my respectful obeisances at the Feet of Sripad Vaikhanas Maharaja out of respect for his dedication and devotion to the order of Sri Guru.

  5. sanatana

    How can we donate Maharaja ?


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