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In the ‘90s, Srila Gurudeva would print his books and Bhagavat Patrikas at the press of his disciple Radha-Madhava Prabhu, a.k.a. Ajay Kapoor, at the Ambassador Traders, Printers and Stationers, in Connaught Place, Delhi. One afternoon in April of 1996, while Srila Gurudeva was staying at his disciple’s house in Delhi, Radha-Madhava Prabhu asked Gurudeva, “Please write some instructions that we can have as an ideal to follow in our lives.” Srila Gurudeva then took a paper and wrote down eighteen instructions with his own hand.
This Upadesavali was later misplaced and remained unpublished. Now, almost two decades later, the original document in Srila Gurudeva’s handwriting has emerged, having been rediscovered by Radha-Madhava Prabhu. Today, on November 5, 2014, the original document was shown to Sripada Premananda Prabhu and the devotees in Bhaktabandhav Dham, BHAVA Vrndavan, and a scanned copy was given to Sripada Premananda Prabhu. Sripada Premananda Prabhu instructed me to immediately translate the Upadesavali, and then to publish it on Bhaktabandhav.com. Along with Giridhari Prabhu and Govardhana Prabhu, I promptly set to the service of carefully translating the handwritten text into English. By Srila Gurudeva’s mercy we now publish his wonderful necklace of jewel-like instructions for the benefit and encouragement of devotees worldwide.
—a servant of Bhaktabandhav, Rasik Mohan Das

FULL ARTICLE: Click to read Srila Gurudeva’s Upadesavali



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