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Samadhi Mandir

Construction Update # 1
October 15 2014

Samadhi project – Status to date

  • IGVT has already started constructing Srila Gurudev’s Samadhi Mandir at Navadip;
  • All the permits/approvals are in place;
  • Building contractors, architects, professionals are hired;
  • Construction models are ready;
  • The land preparation/laying down foundation is complete;
  • Full Construction report is available @ www.gaudiyabhakti.com/samadhi-construction-report

Financials – Dashboard

  • Total cost of Samadhi Construction is $1.2M;
  • IGVT has already received $320K;
  • It has spent $100K of that on land preparation/foundation;
  • It still needs $880K to finish the project.
  • Complete donor list is available @ www.gaudiyabhakti.com/account/donor-list

Financial Custodians (Outside India):

  • Braj Bhumi Group, Inc. (Formerly – Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara,…Center Inc.)

We are pleased and happy to act as a custodian and facilitator to transfer financial donations for the Samadhi Project – to IGVT. And are grateful for BV Madhav Maharaj efforts in engaging in this one time collections for the Samadhi Project.”

—Vishwambhara Prabhu, Chairman


Donate generously @ www.gaudiyabhakti.com/donateto
IGVT is vowed to give full construction details (monetary or otherwise)
Donate generously (Outside India)

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