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By Mukunda Das

Dandavats Maharajas, Prabhus, Didis
I have finally gotten some time to put together a short report of our last couple of preaching trips. First let me give a little background we call ourselves the Bhakti Tattva Study Group (BTSG) and it consist of disciples of Srila Gurudeva and Our Srila Swami Maharaja and Our Srila Prabhupada, both Grihastas and Vanaprasta devotees are part also the group rotates from six or seven to two or three. All of us have received the instruction from Srila Gurudeva to travel and preach and have come together for that seva it is both nourishing to us and pleasing to Srila Gurudeva. For more than ten years Sriman Bhumipati has facilitated a telephone conference for the study of Bhakti Tattva so we considered it was time to take the conference on the road and make it a live event in some the different towns of conference participants.
On the last two trips we had Sriman Bhumipati Prabhu (NYC), Sriman Shymasundar Prabhu (Alachua) Sriman Sanatan Goswami Das (DC), Sriman Madhava Prabhu ( PA) Sriman Madan Mohan Prabhu (PA), Sriman Sahadeva Prabhu (Calif) and Mukunda Das (Alachua). On our second trip quite few other devotees joined us.
Here are some of the photos and highlights of the trip!!!!!

We Started In North Carolina first at the home of Sriman Bhagavati Kanta Prabhu and Family, then the following night with Ram Das and Govinda DD and family where we had a great audience of devotees and new participants.
The next program In New Vrindavan at the home of Sriman Radhanath Das and Priti DD so many auspicious signs like a double rainbow that appeared in the sky after the program, gave all the devotees inspiration that Srila Gurudeva was smiling from his unmanifest lila to encourage us.
And as we were leaving we were invited take darshan of the very place Our Srila Prabhupada gave darshan and class when he first came to New Vrindavan (note the rays of Srila Gurudeva’s mercy may we always bathe in them. We will post part 2 following this one.
Guru seva Abilasi
Mukunda Das
Here is the continuation of the preaching tour report of the BTSG
We left off with our visit to New Vrindavan, from there we headed west to Ohio where we were invited by Paravati DD a disciple of His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami, she had darshan of Srila Gurudeva many years ago and is a regular on our phone conference she put together some devotees to assist her and both hosted and cared for the devotees so nicely we deeply thank them all below are some great shots of the program which was attended by many ISKCON devotees showing that Kirtan and Hari Katha can bridge all divides and allow love and affection to flow.
Devotees speaking to very attentive audience, Bhumipati gave and amazing Katha on the importance of understanding Bhakti Tattva.
Sriman Shymasundar and Sriman Sanatan Prabhus below distributing books a staple of our travels.
Onward to the east coast below our program in Philadelphia hosted at Govindas Restaurant and preaching center we are grateful to Hari and Gurukaruna again the sweetness of simply sharing Kirtan and Hari Katha bought together various groups.
Then it was on to New York the big apple which by the Grace Of Srila Prabhupada is now Apple prasadam (laugh) our program in the house of Krishna Mohan Prabhu was festive and was like being in India as that section of Queens primarily Indian families, after is a pic from the home of Dr. Asha Pandey and her good husband , Mukunda Das spoke by Gurudeva’s mercy Hari Katha of Baladeva for Baladeva Jayanti this was I last program on the first tour, we will post soon of our South Florida preaching and Radhaastami soon. Srila Gurudeva Ki Jaya.
Below Balaram Jayanti
Mukunda speaking on Balaram Jayanti
We will post updates from the South Florida preaching trip soon including the most amazing Radhastami I have ever experienced. Srila Gurudeva Srila Prabhupada Ki jaya


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