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The night of the Long Beach program was truly magical. Syamarani didi was invited to a house of aspiring devotees and spoke about the early days when she met Srila Prabhupada. A wonderful slideshow of photos and videos accompanied her stories, and the kirtan that evening was unlike anything the new devotees had experienced before.
Kirtan was led by Thakura das, Radha dasi, Radhika dasi, and Lasika dasi and was so inspired that by the end of the night everyone was dancing. The house in long beach was trembling in bliss. Radha and Thakur took the kirtan to such an ecstatic level that we all admitted it was the most inspired night of our tour. Many of the guests said it was the liveliest kirtan they had ever participated in.

Many of the devotees were very new to the movement and sat with Syamarani didi after the program discussing their questions, as well as inquiries about her art.

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We had a book table and a poster table set up in the back of the room. Many who attended were yoga teachers that had been introduced to the philosophy […]


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