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Passing of Mangala dasi

Mangala dasi passed away today (Dec. 6) at about 10 in the morning today at Hilo, Hawaii.

She was initiated by Srila Prabhupad in 1971, and met Srila Gurudeva in199?. She was one of the pioneer devotees on the windward side of the Big Island, which has grown to about 150.

On the instructions of Srila Gurudeva she rendered the songs of the Vaisnava Acharyas into English. While the words are in English, the songs can be sung to the same tune(s) as the Bengali and Sanskrit songs.

She published a songbook titled “The Songs of our Holy Masters”, and also completed in English: the Prarthana of Srila Narottama das Thakur; and Saranagati, Kalyana Kalpataru, and Gitavali of Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur.

On the website, downloads of the songbook as well as audios are available.

She was the mother of Gaursundara d, Suchandra d, Candrakanta d, Radharani d, Nitai d, and Gadadhara d

Srila Gurudeva ki jai, Srila Prabhupada ki jai, Mangala mata ki jay

by A Wellwisher

Syamarani didi says, “this is a short memorial… I remember when we all attended Srila Gurudeva’s hari-katha festival in Hawaii about 13 years a ago. I had taken a long japa walk on the cold and windy beach and I got an ear infection and I had to fly the next day. My beautiful sister Mangala devi dasi immediately took charge of me that evening, spent a lot of time giving me her natural remedies, great instructions, and I was perfectly fine after that.” I remember when Srila Gurudeva called on Mangala didi to sing one of her translations of a couple of the bhajanas, and when she did so, in her blue grassy tune on her trusty guitar, she had everyone weeping.

I remember how she trained up all her wonderful children in how to sing so melodiously and with so much mood that they became famous all over the world.”

6 Responses to Passing of Mangala dasi

  1. Sri Vidya dd December 8, 2013 at 2:14 PM #

    All glories to Mangala Devi Dasi, she reached the goal now.
    Such an auspicious name to start with
    She seems to be a strong & lovable woman
    Accomplished in many points and a good mother.
    Nice example of devotionnal life, although reduced since his premature departure.
    Her beautifull voice accompagning my hommage to her.
    Hari Om Shanti*
    Radhe Syam Bhakti*
    Sarva Mangalam Shakti*

  2. rsabhadev das December 8, 2013 at 5:36 PM #

    Sri Guru Gaurangau Jayatah! Bearing witness to Mangala devi dasi’s arrival into the sanga of our Srila Prabhupada’s followers in Laguna Beach, she was just 14 years of age and so very pure. Always beautified with a sweet heart, free from any malice, she served steadily and always in a genuine happiness. Her voice — in conversation and song — was so warm and pleasing to all. Being ever so heartfelt in her love toward her gurus and Yugala Kishore, Mangala blessed this world by her presence and the children receiving her nature

  3. Bhadra dasi December 8, 2013 at 7:51 PM #

    I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Mangala didi; not sorry for her—she has moved on to higher vistas—but sorry for myself that I never met her, and for her beautiful children who will miss her so much.

    Over the years I have heard so much about Mangala didi’s talents, devotion, humbleness, and other qualities, and although I never met her, always felt akin to her as a sister. Her memory will be long appreciated and cherished. My heartfelt condolences to all her family and close friends.

  4. Laksmidevi dasi December 9, 2013 at 4:10 AM #

    I met Mangala dd over the internet on sanga space ( I miss sanga space!) Then I moved to Big Island and we became friends. I have never heard such a sweet singing voice in my whole life. Her children inherited that gift for song- they must have heard her while in the womb singing glorifications to Radha/Krishna. I asked her recently why I have never seen her cry through all the trials and tribulations since I have known her. She said, “I cry when I translate Bhaktivinode Thakur’s songs.”
    It was a joy to know her and be blessed by her presence. She accomodated many saints and sadhus in her home and many of us less deserving. She was an ocean of mercy with radiant blue eyes lit up with the love of Radha/Krishna.
    I am so sorry we are now without her. I pray her children will carry on her legacy of love.
    One 1/2 piece of a sweet from a devotee was all it took for her to leave home and join a temple. The other half she shared with a friend who also joined. Such generosity!

  5. Suchandra das December 10, 2013 at 1:16 AM #

    She met Srila Gurudev in 1997 in Badger, -New Braja

  6. Stavyadeva das December 16, 2013 at 1:31 AM #

    My dandat pranams to Mangala devi dasi, a glorious devotee and wonderful mother. I will always remember her nourishing motherly nature. Not only to her own children but to all children including my own. She always treated them with motherly affection of being there own. Tolerate, patient and always encouraging. I was always impressed how she never gave up despite all obstacles. Single Mom with so many children and a disable Gaura, she always went on with a cheerful mood full of joy and hope to all. A true inspiration and the epitome of motherhood and a wonderful, glorious devotee. My heartfelt dandabats to her and her children.
    ys Stavyadeva das

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