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Book Distribution in Los Angeles

Submitted by Hamsagati prabhu, a taxi driver in Los Angeles:

For more than 15 years i have been able to present books as gifts to approximately 32,000 passengers. Some have commented about the book when we met again.

I prep some people to consider the spiritualdimension but mostly it is a “gift of appreciation” after they pay forthe ride. Some satisfied customers can be seen here. The single lady
is visible at her website:  Hare Krsna!


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  1. Haridas dasa December 8, 2013 at 5:43 PM #

    Hamsagati Prabhu…Now that’s ‘ real reaching preaching’…Dandadats…Love the humility, ‘a’ taxi driver…I say ”What”, a taxi driver…Jayananda, Puru, Dadhiharta, Swarupa Prabhus, and so many others, welcome you into their ranks. How many taxi drivers wake up in the morning looking forward to giving God to a couple hundred people before noon, rather than ”how much money can I get today”…

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