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Preview of Sri Sri Bhagavat Patrika’s Special Viraha Issue – 6

(Srila Gurudev’s first Disappearance anniversary Special issue)

Sri Sri Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

All Maharajas, Vaishnavas and Vaishnavis, Please accept Dandavat Pranams from the Sri Sri Bhagavat Patrika team.

By Srila Gurudev’s causeless mercy Srila Gurudev’s first Disappearance anniversary Special issue of the Viraha Visesanka series of the monthly Hindi Magazine “Sri Sri Bhagavat Patrika” was released during Gaura Purnima Festival.

It is Sixth in the series of  Special Viraha Issues. This Issue was supposed to be released in December, but it got delayed due to unforeseen circumstances..

This special Issue was offered to Srila Gurudev at his Maha Samadhi Pith in Sridham Navadvipa during Sri Gaura Purnima Festival.


For the pleasure of devotees we are providing
preview of this special Viraha issue—6


Previews of back issues (i.e issues 2-6) of these special Viraha Issues can be downloaded from here

Back Issues of Bhagavat patrika can be downloaded from
Vrat Talika in Hindi calculated for India (Mathura) timing can also be downloaded from there.

Those who want to get printed copy of ”Sri Sri Bhagavat Patrika” delivered every month to their house can subscribe to this patrika at (options for both Indian and International subscriptions are provided).

Sri Sri Bhagavat patrika Team

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