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Northern America Library Report

by Vasanti dasi

About a year ago, Yasoda devi dasi in America had the idea to place Srila Gurudeva’s books in libraries. She was staying in the LA temple at the time, as was Sacinandana prabhu. Saci prabhu magnificently obtained a list of email addresses for thousands of ibraries (from gardening to government to metaphysical).  With the help of Mahabuddhi prabhu, we compiled a letter explaining who we are and offering to donate books to their libraries. They passed the list on to me, as Isa prabhu and I were thinking to send the letter from our hari-katha mailing list server. Initially, many of the emails bounced back, so we decided it was better not to use the hari katha server. Isa Prabhu advised me to send from a simple email address, so I opened a gmail account solely for the purpose of sending this letter to libraries.

About a month ago, I proceeded to send the letter.  We have been getting some beautiful, sincere replies from people genuinely interested in Srila Gurudeva’s books. Some even requested many sets of books for their various libraries, and some for themselves.

It never ceases to amaze me how these books are predestined to find their way into specific persons’ hands.

Below are a few replies we have received so far from various libraries. Thanks to Gopika dasi of Bhaktistore for posting the books quickly, as soon as we receive an order. We would like to give special appreciation to the kind individuals who, from their hearts, donate to the GVP book sponsorship program.

Reply from the Director of Marketing and Communications at
Rio Grande Cancer Foundations in Texas:

Thank you for your kind offer. I would very much like a few sets of your books for our libraries. We operate 5 health, wellness and cancer information libraries amed, “The Green House – J. Leighton Green, Jr. Cancer Resource Center”.
Sections in our libraries where these volumes would fit would be in our Spirituality and Meditative and Contemplative Practices”. If you’re organization s amenable, I would request that we have 5 sets however, if this is too big a request, I’ll be pleased to have the number that you see fit.

To learn more about The Green House, please visit us online at Once there, you may look under the “Programs and Resources” tab to learn more about our organization.

I thank you in advance for sharing your publications.

Letter from Head of Adult Services at Cornwall Public Library (Canada)

We’d be happy to accept the books you have on offer.  We have a thriving yoga culture in Cornwall, and I am sure they would benefit from knowing that we also have the books to back up the theory.

Thank you.

Letter from Librarian at the Seattle Metaphysical Library:



The Seattle Metaphysical Library has a collection of Indian philosophy books, as well as collections by specific teachers.  You may see this list here.

The books you are offering would fit into our collection nicely.

You indicated that you would be willing to send other books.  I think that one of your children’s books, Caitanya-lila for Children, and also another book, Jaiva Dharma by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura would fit in well with our collection, as well.

Again, thank you for this generous offer.


From the Director of the Belvidere Public Library in New Jersey:

Our library would very much appreciate receiving the three books:

  • Jaiva Dharma
  • Brahma Samhita
  • Walking with A Saint

We will be happy to put them on our shelves as a great addition to our collection.

Thank you for this opportunity, and best wishes for your continued success.

Letter from Trustee, Los Angeles Community College District (Elected Official)

However many books you send, I distribute to the libraries. It is up to you how many you can spare.

Letter from Librarian at All Souls Unitarian Church

Yes, our church library would be glad to have and display a couple of your books. You may send them all, or just the one about walking with a saint, which seems to have a broader interest.  We would be quite interested to have “The Bhagavad-gita” when it is published.

We are a small church with a small library (1500 bks), thus I don’t know how much interest our membership would have in translations of ancient texts…. yet as Unitarians, we do study all religions. We have no budget to purchase these or any others, so whatever you decide to send us at no charge to us will be gratefully accepted. (We exist on donations.)

When they arrive I will be glad to notify our membership in our newsletter, and to display them in the library. Thank you for the offer.

We are All souls Unitarian Church at 5605
East 56th St., Indpls., IN  46226

4 Responses to Northern America Library Report

  1. Jiva Pavana Dasa February 29, 2012 at 4:27 PM #


  2. Swami BV Vaikhanas March 1, 2012 at 5:30 AM #

    There is absolutely no doubt that these transcendental seeds will bear fruit in the future. These books are exactly where they are supposed to be. From the responses, you can see that these are the settings were curious spiritually inclined people go. I hope that we have proper contact information in the books. Our websites are most important because so many of our local addresses change frequently.

    Great job! Very, very inspiring to read about. Please write some follow ups to this article.

  3. Swami BV Sajjan March 2, 2012 at 4:27 PM #

    Brhat-mrdanga ki jaya! Thank you for this nectar which is the monobhista of our Guru-varga!
    Jaya Sri Guru and Gauranga!
    Jaya Sri RAdhe!

  4. dandavats March 2, 2012 at 7:16 PM #

    How about a copy of the letter you sent to the libraries that was complied with the help of Mahabuddhi prabhu?

    Then we could continue to outreach by sending this letter to our local areas.

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